Don't we have enough bugs? Seriously. Mosquitoes, flies, ants, spiders, bedbugs, chiggers. We don't need a bug that's often preceded by the word "deadly."

Angel recently posted about "kissing bugs" moving into Kentucky.

I haven't stopped itching (although, that would be the LEAST of my concerns with these little demons).

So, yeah, they're in Kentucky.

That's one thing. In my own backyard, figuratively speaking, is another.

Our good friend, DJ Potter, sent us pictures of what looks a lot LIKE a kissing bug on his porch in Fordsville.

But maybe it's just a harmless seed bug, which is highly preferable, needless to say. Take a look at this graphic from University of Wisconsin entomologist PJ Liesch:

kissing bug seed bug

And then there's this image, too:

Dwayne Potter/Facebook
Dwayne Potter/Facebook

Take precautions. Avoid kissing bugs at all costs. Kill them, if possible.

And have a safe summer!

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