Saturday night, about 400 WBKR listeners traveled down to Nashville to see The Show That Made Country Music Famous!  Yep!  It was WBKR Night at the The Opry and our listeners were out in force to see a great line-up that included Jimmy Wayne, Darryl Worley, Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers and a handful of Opry legends!

Our listeners were given two options:  1) They could buy tickets for $9.25.  OR 2)  They could buy ticket upgrades for $30 and those tickets included a souvenir poster and a backstage tour before the show!  Twelve listeners, including Chantae Hulsey and Misty Howard, chose that option and I am certain they are glad they did!

See, Chantae and Misty were backstage with us and they were on an almost shameless tear to find Dierks Bentley!  LOL!  Of course, the hilarious thing is they knew he wasn't even scheduled to be on the show.  They were just holding out hope that they would run into him anyway.  The tour concluded and Chantae and Misty had to return to their seats, their dreams of meeting Dierks and touching him inappopriately (LOL again!) dashed.

Well, there's more to this story!  The first Opry segment of the night featured Jim Ed Brown and Jimmy Wayne.  I was standing backstage and received a text from Chantae that said, "We decided . . . tell Dan (my Opry friend Dan Rogers)we'll take Jimmy Wayne if he can't get us Dierks!"  Little did Chantae and Misty know that, when I opened this text, I was standing right beside Jimmy Wayne.  So naturally, I put my arm around him, told him what was going on, and showed him the text!

And, here's where it gets really good!!  I was the guest announcer during the 2nd segment of the show.  So, when Eddie Stubbs announced me, I joined him at the podium, welcomed our hundreds of WBKR listeners, gave shout-outs to the UK Wildcats, send congrats out to the Butler Bulldogs (who had just beaten VCU), then launched into my piece about backstage tours at the Opry!  In front of a crown of about 4,000 people, I pulled out my cell phone and read the text from Chantae and Misty on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry!  The girls squealed from balcony and the Opry crowd laughed hysterically!  Even more hilarious was the fact that Jimmy Wayne ran out onto the stage behind me and was waving to the girls in the balcony!  Cue even more squeals!  The Opry was beginning to sound like a pig farm!

After my guest hosting segment (always a blast and an honor, by the way), I talked to Jimmy some more and asked him if he would pose for a pic for his new girlfriends.  He did!  I snapped it on my cell and send the photo to the gals via text!  Once again, there were squeals from the balcony! 

WBKR Night at the Opry is one of my favorite nights of the year!  We always have an AMAZING turn-out and did again last night, despite the fact that the UK Wildcats were playing in the Final Four during the Opry show.  But that didn't stop our listeners.  Some just cleverly combined two events into one.  Scottie Morgan dressed his whole family in Wildcat blue and brought them to the Opry anyway.  Jimmy Neavitt brought his wife and kids too . . . but made sure he wore his UK Wildcat hat!  Some listeners had rooms booked at the Gaylord and rushed out of the Opry to catch the 2nd half of the game!

Sadly, the Cats fell to the Huskies of U Conn, but their fans were still supporting, even if some of them were at the Grand Ole Opry listening to Riders In The Sky, Mike Snider, stand-up comic Henry Cho, Jimmy, Darryl, and the Gatlins and checking the UK score on their phones!!  (By the way, their devotion to UK earned Scottie and Jimmy shout-outs from The Opry stage!  That's right!  Everybody in the crowd got to hear about the Morgans and Neavitts!)

The evening was wonderful!  The entertainment was great!  And our WBKR listeners were representing in force!  My Opry friends are always very impressed with our turn-out and said so again last night!  WBKR is a proud Opry partner and we are proud that you guys are willing to drive a couple of hours and show your support too!  WBKR Night at the Opry was surely A NIGHT TO REMEMBER!  I personally can't wait for the next one!

Oh, and Chantae and Misty, I forgot to tell you last night because I was afraid you might pee on yourselves!  When I showed Jimmy Wayne your text he told me to tell you "he's all yours!"