So I thought the "Baby it's Cold Outside" controversy was strange, here's one that's maybe not quite as topical, yet it's something that polled. Mrs. Claus, you're on alert. 

Recently, a graphic design company did a poll asking participants to "rebrand Santa" or make the jolly old elf more modern.

The idea of the Santa Claus we all know began in the 19th century. Before that, you have to go all the way back to the 4th century when Saint Nicolas of Myra first appeared. Clement C. Moore's iconic poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" cemented Santa as a rosy-cheeked, bowl fully of jelly fellow in popular culture.

HERE is the redesigned "modern" Santa. He's much skinnier, which is just wrong, and tattoos? Really?

The shocker comes when 11 percent of the people polled said Santa should be female, while 17 percent thinks St. Nick should be gender neutral.

I think the main point is, Santa can be whomever you want him or her to be. Alas, 72 percent polled thinks Santa should remained classified as male.

Don't tell Michael Scott:

2018 y'all.

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