Located in Chesterton, Indiana is a 157-acre wildlife complex known as Coffee Creek Preserve. It's here that a woman by the name of Carol experienced an unexpected encounter.

An Unexpected Encounter on a Routine Walk


Carol was out for her routine walk when a small, unsteady coyote pup appeared. The pup was alone and appeared quite vulnerable. Recognizing that the coyote pup was in need of assistance, Carol sprang into action. She used a towel to carefully wrap up the young pup, being cautious as she knew the risk of being bitten and potentially being exposed to rabies. Sadly, the coyote pup had been separated from its mother and pack for some time and required help. Carol rushed the pup to the Humane Indiana Wildlife Center.

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A Tiny Coyote Pup in Need

Once the pup arrived at the wildlife center, it underwent examination, and the wildlife center staff determined that there was no concern of distemper. They did, however, discover that the poor pup had over two dozen ticks infesting its fur and an alarming number of fly eggs and maggots crawling on its skin. The pup was also anemic and underweight for its age.

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Signs of Improvement


Thanks to the hard work of the rehabilitators, the pup began showing signs of improvement and it eagerly accepted nourishment. Despite coming in scared and timid, after a healthy meal, the coyote pup began to exhibit the kinds of positive behavioral changes that indicate that it is on the track to getting well. The future of this little guy remains uncertain.

<p> </p><p>Should something have happened to mom, we would expect to receive more of her littermates in the coming days (hopefully sooner rather than later). In that case, they will remain at our center to be reared here as a pack. Should she remain alone, she will be transferred to another facility that already has coyote pups that she can be placed with so that she can grow to learn the incredibly important social dynamics of a coyote pack.</p>

How You Can Help Humane Indiana Wildlife

For now, the coyote pup is safe, free from parasites, and is now on the road to recovery, and eventually release back into the wild. In the meantime, the care required means an expense for the wildlife center. Food, medication, and vaccines cost the center money... To contribute towards the rehabilitation efforts of this precious pup, you can make a donation at HumaneIndiana.org

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