Every Friday this calendar year I have been and will continue to be at Pogue Chrysler in Greenville or Pogue Chevrolet in Central City for a live road show. A few weeks ago, I noticed something hanging over the door of one of the sales offices at Pogue Chevy. It was a bag of water with three pennies in it. At first, I thought, "Practical joke--I'm gonna walk under it and somehow it's going to rupture and soak my head." Nope. As it turns out, the water bag is for something much smaller than me.

And now I'm thinking how silly it might be to even set this up this way. I admit it--I'm a late arrival to the old wives' tale that says you can repel bugs by hanging a bag of water with pennies in it on a window. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, no "old wives" were involved in the hanging of this bag. I've also learned, after doing a little research, that there are variations on this home remedy. It seems the number of pennies--or any small shiny object, for that matter--can differ. And you can even leave your water bag penniless. Sounds like some twisted probate meeting, but I digress. I will try the old water bag in the window--with AND without pennies. We'll see what happens. No flies on me.