Aldi Grocery Store is my favorite grocery store in Owensboro.  I was dishearted yesterday to find it will be closing at least temporarily!

I love the deals, the unique food items only available there, and the short lines!  I did my regular grocery shopping yesterday and as I got into line to check out I was listening to the manager tell the young lady in front of me they were going to be closing their store!  I will admit I may have panicked just a bit!

When it was my turn I just had to ask what was going on.  She told me that they were not closing for good but they would be shutting the Owensboro store down starting on Sunday, August 13, at 4 p.m. and will not open back until after the remodel on Tuesday, September 19.

The Owensboro employees will be working at the both Evansville locations one on 6434 Oak Grove Road and the second location at 214 Rosenberger Avenue.  Customers are encouraged to shop Aldi stores in Evansville and if you stop in and shop before the 13th they will hook you up with some pretty awesome coupons!

The goal is to keep all Aldi employees employed during each remodel.  I love this because everyone wins!  Good Job Aldi.


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