No, this is not an old headline about a Tennessee/Florida football game. No, we're talking the actual state of Tennessee and the actual appearance of alligators in said state.

It's a little too close for comfort, says me.

The way WVLT/Knoxville framed its story, it sounded like reports of alligator sightings in the Volunteer State may have been greeted with some skepticism.

But the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency lowered those raised eyebrows with confirmation.

Yep, gators in Tennessee. (And, man, do I ever want to make another SEC football/basketball College Game Day joke again.)

Now, check this out...not only have there been sightings, but the TWRA is saying this is actually a NATURAL migration.

The agency does believe that the gators will stay in western Tennessee and not cause any problems in the east, but still, we're talking ALLIGATORS IN TENNESSEE. And, western Tennessee is what we have to be concerned about, anyway.

Nothing about the likelihood of further alligator expansion northward has been mentioned. Maybe it DOES get a little too cold up here in Kentucky for the big reptiles, and that's fine by me.

Still, I never thought the possibility of seeing an alligator lying across the road just outside of Paris, Tennessee could exist, but I guess it does.


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