Owensboro singer Jenny Beth Willis has made it the Hollywood rounds of American Idol and is already learning what kind of fame and notoriety that show can bring.  When the Baton Rouge auditions aired on WEVV Fox 44, Jenny Beth's audition wasn't even broadcast.  However, she has already earned the adoration of a couple of guys from YouTube (i.e. the really creepy guy staring in the bottom right-hand corner of the video still). Check this out!  Here are a couple of reviews of Jenny Beth's performance that absolutely no one in America saw.  And, no.  I can't explain how you review a contestant you didn't really see.  We'll need to call in Dr. Drew for that.  LOL!  Check this out.

So, at least this guy managed to catch some video footage we had here at WBKR.com.  And he got to it before we removed her performance of Lauren Alaina's "Like My Mother Does" from our site.  We did so upon hearing the news that Jenny Beth had made it to Hollywood.  We knew couch critics would come out of the woodwork (or the asylums) and we didn't want any part of that.  We thought it best to let Jenny Beth's performances on American Idol speak for themselves.

But then, someone (or several voices) are apparently speaking to this guy.

Now, is it just me?  Or could that guy be the SAME guy in the first video?  There is some resemblance in their appearances and speech patterns.  But then again, I'm not a cast member of Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and certainly no expert.  I only have hunches . . . intuition. And my hunch is these types of fans are going to continue to surface if Jenny Beth does well in the competition.

Note to Jenny Beth's random YouTube supporters.  Guys, I know Jenny Beth personally, told her about your videos and can tell you she really appreciates the support.  Please keep cheering as her Idol journey continues.  Just don't be one of those crazy fans who dumpster-dive into her trash cans or keep locks of her hair in a shadow box.

Not to Jenny Beth.  I am rooting for you and you know it!  But forgive me if I don't turn my video camera on myself and profess my support for you.  That would just be a little . . . awkward.

Your Idol journey is going to bring you lots of fans and, subsequently,  just as many folks who will criticize your every move, every song choice, every note in an attempt to tear you down.  Just know that your friends in Owensboro-Daviess County . . . and these random guys with WAY too much time and not enough medication on their hands . . .  have your back!

(And just kidding about the medication, boys!  Please don't hurt me or my pets.)