America's Got Talent is in the process of crowning a champion for this season.  But producers of the show are gearing up for next season as well.  In fact, they've released the list of cities where open call auditions will be held starting in November.  And two cities are very close to the WBKR listening area.

NBC/America's Got Talent
NBC/America's Got Talent

As you can see, auditions begin November 5th in Orlando, Florida.  However, on November 14th, the casting team will roll into Cincinnati.  Next January, they'll be even closer.  They're coming to Nashville.

If you or someone you know would like to register for an open call audition in one of these cities, CLICK HERE!

On AGT's official website, you can also submit a video, create a "performer profile" and sign up for additional audition updates.

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