It's time again for another edition of Chad's "Country-Fried" YouTube cover of the week.  And, once again, we are going international!  A couple of weeks ago, I featured Ashton Lane's version of Kelly Clarkson's "Mr. Know It All."  Ashton Lane hails from the United Kingdom and guess what?  They aren't too far removed from Nial Hay, who I am featuring this week.  Check out his cover of Jason Aldean's "Tattoos on this Town!"

The interesting thing about Nial is the fact that he just started playing guitar in 2008.  By 2010, he had already recorded his CD Unforgiven.  And I particularly love the fact that he seems to be naturally drawn to country music.

Though he was born in England in 1992, Nial is currently in Nashville, where he plays pretty routinely at the Bootleggers Inn.  He's hoping, like a lot of folks in Music City, to break into the business and land a record deal.  This guy has definitely got the look.  The same cougars that adore Scotty McCreery would chase this guy around Tootsie's too!  LOL.


And, not only does Nial have the look, he's working hard to perfect the sound.  I actually like his version of Jason Aldean's "Tattoos on this Town" . . . though he does shy away a bit from the song's biggest moments. There's something smooth and rather effortless about his delivery and I like the tone of his singing voice.

If you want to sample some of Nial's original music, you can hear five songs at his official Facebook page.  CLICK HERE!   While Nial still needs some fine tuning in his own songwriting skills, he's committed to doing it.  Nashville is full of kids with guitars and stars in their eyes.  But, I ask you this.  How many were born in London and learned to play guitar in less than two years?  If Nial can quickly learn all the tricks of the trade in the Nashville music scene and apply them to his own songwriting, this kid has a shot.

In the meantime, enjoy his cover of Jason Aldean's "Tattoos on this Town!"  It's "country-fried" and it's my YouTube Cover of the Week!