It's time again for another installment of Chad's "Country-Fried" YouTube Cover of the Week.  And this week's selection comes to us from aspiring country music singer/songwriter Tim Foust, who recently rounded up his band to take a crack at (of all things) Lady Gaga!   And, NO, I'm not kidding.  Yeah, I realize that, on paper, this sounds completely absurd.  But you have to listen to this.  These guys kill her song "The Edge of Glory" and give it a driving bluegrass/country twist that's completely unpredictable and refreshing.   Take Tim's booming bass voice, layer some high harmonies on it and let the guitars rip and you've got some Gaga we're . . . well . . . gaga for!

Though you only get a glimpse of his talents in the clip above, Tim Foust has an impressive five-octave range and has used it on stage with legends like Gladys Knight and Kenny Loggins.  He was born in Lubbock, Texas, but currently lives in Orange County, California.  He has an album called The Best That I Can Do now available on ITunes.  For more information about Tim, check him out at his official website or visit his Facebook page.

And, be sure to let us know what you think about Tim's "country-fried" Lady Gaga cover!  Is he on "The Edge of Glory?"