Meet Loretta Lynn.  Loretta is a 15-week-old Aussiedoodle who thinks she's a combination of cat and goat.  As you can see from the photos, she has already taken over the cat tree at her brand new home.

My friends Rana and Diana just added Loretta to the family.  She joins two cats, including Twitty, the frisky feline you see in the pics. In fact, it hasn't taken long for Loretta to learn the ways of the house and she's clearly learning them from Twitty.  Last week, Loretta learned to climb the baby gate into the office where the litter box is.  The cat food's in there too, by the way, and Loretta quickly "gobbled it up."  This young pooch seems to be having a bit of an identity crisis.

There are two other dogs in the house too- Conway and Maddie.  They're Corgis.  And, if you know what a Corgi looks like, they're definitely not going to be climbing the cat tree.  The other cat's name is Pete.  While Loretta is okay with Conway and Maddie, they're just not as fun as Twitty and Pete.  According to Rana, Loretta "bugs the crap out of the cats."  She adds, "I feel the cats are not amused."  Rana says the cats were convinced they would be able to escape Loretta by climbing up in the cat tree.  But, lo and behold, Loretta mastered that task quickly too.  And now the cats don't have anywhere to go to escape the Goatdoodle.  Here's some video proof!

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