I was a student at Daviess County Middle School in the early to mid 1980s.  I believe it was my 7th grade year when construction started on improvements to the school.  And it needed them.  I remember having 6th grade class on the third floor of the original building and there was no air conditioning.  It was brutal.

But, the renovations that took place during my middle school career there were amazing and DCMS looked incredible when the work was finally complete.  We had two new wings.  We had carpet.  We had central air!

Well, now, nearly forty years later, the school is getting a new makeover.  Except this one is more than a face lift.  DCMS is getting completely rebuilt and we're excited to share with you an update on the construction project.

Daviess County Schools Superintendent Matt Robbins announced today that the bid project is now complete.  The build has been awarded to Danco Construction, who is building the new facility for $27.85 million dollars.  That figure is roughly $6.5 million dollars under the initial estimates.

DCPS is also proud to announce that 24 of the 39 contractors for the job are local companies.

While initial plans for construction called for the new school to be completed and open to students by August 21st, 2021 there will be a slight delay in that timeline.  However, it's only slight.  According to today's press release, construction of the new Daviess County Middle School is projected to be completed by Dec. 1, 2021.  If everything goes as scheduled, students will begin classes in their new school in January of 2022.

I remember, vividly, what it was like to come back to Daviess County Middle School after its facelift in the early 80s.  It was literally like walking into a brand new school.  This time, that's exactly what the students will get to experience!

By the way, Danco has a recent history of working with DCPS on renovations at a couple of their other campuses.  Danco recently completed the Daviess County High School renovation project (also awesome) and stadium projects at both Apollo and Daviess County high schools.  Those new high school football stadiums are just incredible!  And, now, after today's news, we can't wait to get a look inside the new Daviess County Middle School.

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