The last time I spoke to Matt Robbins was about five years ago when the brand new Daviess County Middle School near Gateway Commons was announced--a crowning achievement for all involved, no doubt.

Daviess County KY Superintendent Announces Retirement

Today, we got the news that Superintendent Robbins will be dropping that title effective August 1st, 2024. That's right. After a successful seven-year run, Robbins will be stepping down...and not just from Daviess County Public Schools, but from an amazing 29-year career that began right here. Yes, Matt has spent his entire career serving the kids in the Daviess County Public School system.

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Google Street View

Matt Robbins Shares a Story From Early in His Tenure

In a press release issued by both DCPS and Robbins himself, he mentioned that his advisors always told him he'd know when it's time. In the release, Matt shared a story from the early days of his tenure:

Serving as superintendent of DCPS has proven to be the greatest professional challenge in my life, as well, this role has provided my greatest professional rewards. I must admit, when I first thought about being the caretaker of 11,000 students, the parents/guardians, and over 1,700 employees, it seemed a bit overwhelming. I still recall the first weather cancellation I made and our OneCall system prompted: “This message will be delivered to 16,563 recipients - Do You Want to Send?” I must have reviewed that message a dozen times with trembling hands.

I guess that would be daunting, wouldn't it?

What's Next for DCPS and Matt Robbins

As for Robbins' replacement, that process will begin in due time, according to DCPS, and it's one that must follow Kentucky state laws and regulations that govern such actions.

We wish Superintendent Robbins all the best in this next chapter of his life, one that will begin in just seven months. In closing, after stating that he likes and needs to work and will continue to do so at some point, Robbins offered the following:

My next chapter is filled with blank pages, yet to be written. It has been a life’s honor and privilege serving as your superintendent. Let’s now finish what we started! Kids First Always!




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