Have any plans for Saturday night? Well, then it's ME to the rescue. How about free live music at Show-Me's of Owensboro in Towne Square Mall courtesy of the Andy Brasher Band and Scott Lindsey? Saturday night plans are now set in stone.

You may be in the minority, but if you've never seen either of these guys in concert, you owe it to yourself to check 'em out. Andy and his recording partner, Dustin Bogue--professionally, they are Brasher/Bogue--were in studio last Thursday afternoon and gave us some awesome live performances. It's, like, the umpteen-hundredth time I've seen Andy in that type of setting. I'm a huge fan. And how cool is it that their music is now available on iTunes?

Scott Lindsey has been a good friend of WBKR's for a few years, now. Scott's always ready to grace us with his presence and perform whatever new single he has released. (His latest is called "If You Get That Lonely." But back in May, I attended a tent party, in Reo, at the home of Tyler Miles of let's-get-Jake-Owen-to-the-prom fame. His parents were kind enough to invite me and to have Scott perform. And Scott gave an incredible acoustic performance. So I know for a fact you are in for not one, but two huge treats.

The free concert begins at 8PM tomorrow night at Show-Me's of Owensboro.