Angel here and today is National Boss' Day.  A lot of people are super surprised to hear Chad is not only my morning show partner but also my boss.  Yep, I tell my boss to "SHUT UP or SUCK IT" on a daily basis!

The thing is I have major respect for Chad.  He juggles a million things in his life and does it with the grace of Ru Paul in heels.  He is the Brand Manager for WBKR and the Operations Manager for WBKR, 106.1, 105.3, 103.1, and 99.5 in Evansville.

He works crazy mad hours and always (for the most part) manages to be in a good mood.  Now, there is the occasional, who am I kidding daily times when he uses his "around your neck" voice with me.  This is the voice where I know he is annoyed with me.  I always call him out when he does it and we laugh and move on.

Chad has always been an encourager for me.  I have known him for over 20 years.  From pageants to the Parks Department, and now, here as his co-host.  We have weathered a million things together.  Many mornings off the air we talk about life, our struggles, successes, and everything in between.  He's a sounding board and he isn't afraid to tell me the whole truth even if it hurts my feelings.  I do the very same for him.

To be totally honest I have had some pretty darn awful bosses.  Chad is not one of them.  He is one of my favorites.  I mean yes he has quarantined for 85% of 2020 and is always on vacation but when he is here he makes it count.  He doesn't ask any of us to do anything he would do himself.  And he invests in not only us but our families.

He is like the cool and completely annoying, overachieving older brother that nags you, bosses you, and loves you until it hurts.  And by hurts I mean when I trip and fall on my face or walk into a wall he just laughs and doesn't even check on me.

I am blessed beyond measure to not only call Chad my boss but my friend.  Now I gotta go because I know by now Barb has read this and rolled her eyes and is thinking of exactly what she is going to say to me "MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA".

Celebrating Chad on National Boss' Day

Oh, the stuff he gets me into too!

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