Angel Here!  Pools are opening everywhere and as a momma of a child who nearly drowned in a family, pool water safety is at the top of my list for utmost importance especially when summer begins!

With the okay from Governor Beshear, a lot of public pools will be operating as well as many backyard pools already open.

After I became a mother I always said my three worst fears were my child being taken, one of my children drowning, or my home burning.  I have lived through two of these happening and I have vowed I would do what I could to prevent it from happening to other parents.

It was a hot August day in 2006 and our family had just come inside from swimming at my ex-husband's parents' home.  Parker was 3 at the time and Braden just 18 months.  I took Braden to change his diaper and lay him down for a nap and Parker was in the kitchen.  He had an accident on the floor (we were potty training) his memaw being the protective grandparent didn't want us to know so she took him out on the back deck to dry him off.  However, she didn't have a towel.  She sat Parker up on the swing, told him to stay put, and went back inside to get one.

While I wasn't outside I am telling the story from Parker's recollection.  He said he got down walked down the steps of the deck and jumped because he was always able to swim before when his Pepaw was in the pool.  He didn't realize the reason he could swim was that he had floaties on.

Next thing I know I hear Memaw scream from outside telling Parker's dad to come quickly.  I knew in my heart what had happened.  I grabbed my phone to dial 911 but before I could hit send Kyle was back inside telling me to get outside now that Parker was blue and not breathing.

I ran outside turned him over and began CPR.  After two rounds (which felt like hours) his chest rose and I turned him over and he gushed water out and began screaming and crying.

Thankfully our story ended better than most do in this situation and we can gladly say Parker is with us today!  He will actually graduate High School this coming year.

I wanted to share with you recent findings and water safety tips as your summer starts.

According to Safe Kids Worldwide,  New Drowning Study Highlights the Surprising Hazards of Open Water.   Just Because Children Can Swim in a Pool Doesn’t Mean They’re Safe in Lakes, Rivers and Oceans


Brush up on your water safety!  Also check out the great National Water Safety Month Facebook Page.

Praying anyone reading this has a safe and blessed summer in and out of the water~

Angel's Son's Learn To Love Swimming After Near Drowning

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