Today is Angel's 41st birthday.  So, I decided to take a deep dive into the number 41 to see what it really means for Angel as she launches into her fifth decade of really loud and obnoxious existence.  And, yes, Angel!  Your FIFTH decade!!

I checked out Affinity Numerology's website in hopes it would shed some light on the big FORTY-ONE.  As I expected, it provided some probing and interesting insights, which I have reacted to and adapted for my morning show cohost.

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Here are Affinity Numerology's key descriptors for the number 41 and how I think they relate to Angel.

The numerology number 41 is a number that tends to express its innate sense of personal freedom.

Isn't that the truth?  She flaps those lips freely all the friggin' time.  You know a hummingbird can flap its wings two hundred times in a second?  Those lips flap like they're runnin' on a bird feeder full of sugar water too.

The number 41 is conscientious.

Oh my Lord.  Preach!  Every single morning I have to hear about her legs (and their level of thickness for the day) or her hair or her fasting or how adorable she looks or those yoga pants or the really cute top she got at a bag sale.

41 has a strong focus on building that secure foundation.

This girl was running in the Moreland Park area one day, tripped, fell and rolled out into Parrish Avenue in front of moving traffic.  Angel Welsh wouldn't know a secure foundation if it she face-planted on it. Do you know how many times I have watched her trip in the studio and nearly strangulate or behead herself with her own headphones?


41 is curious and interested in pretty much everything.

No she's not.  Affinity Numerology, you is crazy, Gurl.  It's a long running joke (but the truth) on our show that Angel knows NOTHING about current events.  Trust me.  I am her own personal CNN.  If Brent Gardner and I didn't get her up-to-date on each day's news, she'd walk around thinking it was still 1992.  If it doesn't involve Charlotte wearing a bow on her head or some two dollar blouse at a thrift store, she ain't curious and she ain't interested.  Please, child.  Go sell your crazy down the street.

41 is sensual.

GROSS!!  OOH.  I mean, I know she's Fertile Myrtle, but we do we really need those visuals??! That babymaker's like an Easy-Bake Oven.  Turn on a 40 watt light bulb and a kid's gonna pop out.

41 is adventurous.

Put her on a roller coaster and see what happens.  That fish plank she ate for lunch is going to projectile out of that throat like a slingshot.

 41 is a quick wit.

Now, I'll give her that one.  She IS really funny and gets even funnier when she gets tickled and springs a leak. I am serious.  This is the girl you want around if you ever get stung by a jellyfish.  It's almost like she can pop a squat on command and/or unexpectedly at any given moment.  #ARiverRunsThroughHer #GetHerAPeePadFromPetSmart

When asked for an opinion 41 may be blunt. It responds according to how it perceives things.

Ya think?????  Hey, Affinity Numerology!!  You got one.  You hit the loud, piercing nail right on the noggin.

A 41 in comfortable interacting with others.

Hey Affinity Numerology, you got another one!  And, honestly, this one is my personal favorite.

I get the pleasure of interacting with this "other" five mornings out of each week.  Make no mistake.  She is indeed a HOT. MESS. EXPRESS.  But I wouldn't want to tackle each morning with anyone else.

In so many ways, Angel and I are polar opposites.  In other ways, we are exactly alike.  We always kid around and say we really could be brother and sister.  The truth is this- She really is family.  We laugh, we sometimes make ruthless fun of each other (she routinely hurts my hair's feelings), we bicker and we occasionally grate on each other's nerves.

Some folks need coffee to get their day going.  I don't.  I get to spend my mornings with my buddy and, together, we get to spend them with you.  And believe me when I tell you, I wouldn't want to spend those four hours each day with anyone other than you and my comfortable, conscientious, quick-witted, adventurous, opinionated, blunt and free 41.

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