From the middle out in both directions. But I'm very 'live and let live' on this issue.- Laurie Weida Major- Kentucky Wesleyan College graduate, current resident of Memphis, Tennessee, and open-minded about the removal of eggs from a carton.

Do you have a particular way in which you remove eggs from an egg carton? Do you have a system or do you just open the lid and 'haphazardly' grab the first egg you see? I'll be honest. I am rather anal retentive about every single thing in my life, so I certainly have a method to my egg carton madness. Occasionally, I will even reposition certain eggs to give the carton some greater sense of balance- especially if it's one of those tragically flimsy cartons that can barely sustain the weight of the eggs anyway.

As it turns out, there actually is a 'right' way to remove eggs from a carton. Laurie shared a post from Reader's Digest that discusses it. Some people go left to right. Some remove the eggs right to left. Some go from the middle out. Some don't give a flying feather.

Conversely, there are some folks who just completely geek out over this. Case in point- this YouTube video from Presh Talwalker. Here, he explains his rather 'scientific' method for balancing the weight.

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Okay, I don't know Presh, but I am going to guess that, since he referred the arranging and removing eggs 'mathematically,' that he's a total math nerd who could easily have been a character on The Big Bang Theory.

But, I suppose what he says makes sense. It certainly does to me. When I take eggs out of the carton, I always do it in a way that maintains the balance. Those eggs are like passengers on an undersold commercial flight. Sometime you're required to balance the weight in the aircraft. That's precisely what the 'right' way to remove eggs from a carton is doing.

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