Angel Here!  Today is National Let's Laugh Day.  Over the last two years at WBKR Chad and I have done a lot of laughing here are some of my favorite moments that make me giggle-->

If you know Chad you know he is a DIVA with a capital D!  He is always dressed to the 9's and looking fabulous.  This particular morning he must have gotten dressed in the dark!

Chad hates clowns! So I decided to surprise him with a special visit on Halloween :)

Chad can't stand Mayonnaise but he loves Coconut Long Johns!  So Sidney the Intern and I decided to get him some of his favorite donuts...and fill them with Mayonnaise!

The first time Chad went on vacation after I started working at WBKR we made a video of all the things I do while he's gone.  It was a ton of fun!

Everyday is a blast with Chad!  He is always a good sport and he knows how to play a few jokes of his own.  Have fun on vacation friend~

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