On Saturday, I took my daughter, Charlotte, for a visit with Santa Claus.  It ended up looking more like "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

Lil Bit Sassy Children's Boutique downtown hosted a Christmas Open House with Santa and I had high hopes it would be a great experience.  Charlotte was not having any part of it.

I thought maybe if I went up and stood with her that she wouldn't cry.  It started a little something like this and just progressively got worse.

Yes I'm that mom!  Poor poor girl!  Don't worry she was only dramatized for a moment.

I don't remember my older boys being scared of Santa.  One year I had to wait until Tucker fell asleep in the car to take him to visit and he slept right through it!  I got a really cute picture out of it though!


I mean seriously, if you can't have fun with your children, who can you have fun with!?

We would love to see your funny holiday pictures of your children!