A little over a month after Kentucky State Police thwarted a school shooting plot in Anderson County, another mass shooting plot has been derailed in Marion County. 

On Monday evening, police in Springfield arrested 37-year-old Matthew Smith who was preparing to attack a manufacturing plant armed with a fully automatic AR-15 he modified and seven other guns. Springfield is 60 miles southeast of Louisville.

After reports of a suspicious vehicle and trespassing came in to local police, officers approached Smith who aimed a Glock handgun at one officer's chest. The officer then wrestled the weapon away and pulled Smith out of his car onto the ground and placed him under arrest. Smith's weapons cache included an XD handgun, three other Glocks, a .308 caliber rifle, the AR-15, and another shotgun.

Smith was upset over a woman who he had dropped off at the plant and she wasn't returning his texts or phone calls.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is investigating the incident and federal charges are pending.

He has been charged with wanton endangerment, resisting arrest, attempted murder, and criminal trespassing. Smith is in the Marion County Jail awaiting arraignment scheduled for Monday. No bond has been posted.

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