Anthony Davis is preparing to enter a new phase of his career in the NBA. And we all know big-name pro athletes like to go anywhere at anytime, but sometimes even the Player of the Year has to eat some humble pie.

After Davis finished up his autograph session at Wildcat Wearhouse Wednesday night in Owensboro, he and his company decided to hit up the city's nightlife. The Owensboro Police Department responded to a call from the Boiler Room on Walnut St. that Davis, who is only 19, was too young to be hanging out at the bar. According to witnesses, Davis was not drinking, just socializing and he and his friend left the bar without incident.

Davis followed up his night out with a work out at Owensboro Catholic High School on Thursday before heading to another autograph session in Madisonville and the students were allowed to look in on the star, who is not only preparing for the NBA, he's also been named as a finalist for the USA Olympic roster later this summer.

It's going to be one crazy summer for number 23.

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