This is impressive news about an impressive Apollo High School student.  Cadet Lt. Col. Jalyn Burroughs, a senior at the school, will be recognized this week with the Air Force Junior ROTC Gold Valor Award.  Here's how she earned this prestigious award!


The Gold Valor Award is the highest honor that can be awarded to an ROTC/JROTC cadet and, according to DCPS, is "being presented in recognition of Cadet Burroughs’ outstanding bravery and commitment to 'service above self'.”

Burroughs is being honored for her response to a September 3rd, 2017 traffic accident here in Owensboro.  After witnessing the wreck, Burroughs was brave and selfless.  She climbed into an overturned vehicle to free victims who were trapped inside it.  According to reports, she crawled through a shattered glass window to unbuckle the first victim and then worked to assist the second victim.  The family involved in the crash suffered just minor injuries and was promptly reunited.  Burroughs escaped relatively uninjured as well, suffering only some minor cuts from the broken glass.

Burroughs will be honored for her remarkable bravery during a special ceremony at 10 a.m. Friday, Oct. 27, in the Apollo High School auditorium.



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