This is the best!  And, I won't lie, the first time I watched the video I sat in the conference room of the radio station and erupted into a full-on ugly cry.  Apollo High School Senior Jamie Shain, who has long been the Eagles' dedicated and hard-working student manager, finally got the opportunity to play in a game.  And he made the absolute most of the moment.  You have to watch this!

A huge shout out to the Coach Barker, Coach Denton and the players for making Jamie's dream of being part of the team a reality.  According to Principal Lasley, "Jamie brings his smile and enthusiasm to Apollo each and every day and steps it up to the next level anytime he is anywhere near the basketball court."

See, Jamie has never played organized ball and has never had the ability or the opportunity.  However, because his team was competing in an “inter-squad scrimmage”  this past Friday night, Coach Barker and the team made the decision to allow Jamie to put on the Eagle uniform.  And, the rest is history!  Not only did Jamie pull off an amazing mid-court steal . . . he followed it up with a basket.  And the crowd went wild!

According to Principal Lasley, Jamie arrived at school this week still pumped up.  He ran up to Mr. Lasley and said,  “Mr. Lasley, did you see me score???  Did you see me score???”

We did indeed, Jamie.  And I have to tell you that the footage of you scoring is ESPN Sportscenter-worthy.  It captured every single essence of the thrill of personal victory.  I got chills watching it and I was moved to tears.



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