I love venison. When friends of mine say, "Come on over, I've whipped up some deer chili," I'm usually there before they finish the sentence.

So I am pretty stoked about the Arby's chain's decision to roll out new Venison Sandwiches NATIONWIDE beginning this Saturday, October 21st.

Last year, they did it in just five states. This year, all 50 will get to take advantage.

Of course, you'll need to have $7 handy, but for a special, limited time offer like this one, I'll spring for it.

In addition to the venison, the sandwich will feature onions and a juniper berry sauce, whatever that is.

(No, seriously, I've never tasted a juniper.)

But I will get in line...AND CROSS MY FINGERS.

Last year, when Arby's made the sandwiches available at only 17 locations in five states, they sold out very quickly.

So get ready, venison lovers, Arby's will have only have THESE meats for what seems like a very short time.

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