I love a good scary haunted house or haunted trail.  Well, this year, two different campgrounds in Arizona are completely raising the stakes.  They're recreating Camp Crystal Lake and unleashing Jason Voorhees to terrorize campers in the wilderness.

I saw this story on Only In Your State and I think it sounds like a blast. Early in October, Dairy Springs Campground in Flagstaff hosted the first F13: Survive Jason game.  Now, October 19th, Turney Gulch Campground, hidden deep within Prescott National Forest, will recreate the terror of Camp Crystal Lake as well.  As a matter of fact, these events take place throughout the year.  It just so happens that October is an incredibly popular month to pack a sleeping bag and head into the woods. Take a look!

Here's a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the experience:



For more information about Survive Jason, check out the game's official Facebook page.


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