Okay, these are NOT the Geo Metros I remember. The Geo Metro I remember is the one I drove from early 1995-early 2000. The Metro was originally my Dad's, it was an '89 4-door sedan, which was a product of the second generation of the gas-efficient vehicles.  The car was originally a joint venture between GM and Suzuki and the last one was produced in 2001. Its replacement? Anyone remember Daewoo? I didn't think show I love this site, 75 miles per gallon? I believe it. What we all need is a gas-efficient vehicle right now, but where are they? I'm not a big fan of the electric car concept and I've never driven a hybrid. All I know is, true story, one semester at WKU, I stopped at a gas station and I filled up my Metro for...five whole dollars! Gas at that time was, I hope you are sitting down, 75 cents a gallon, and the Metro displayed a high speed of 85, efficient my friends.

With today's prices, I'm not sure how much it would take to fill up a Metro, but it probably wouldn't be more than $20.00. Unbelievable. I've since owned one car that was okay on mileage and the small SUV I have now? It takes at least $35.00 to fill up*. It's true I don't drive very far, just around town and I go home to Hartford at least once a week so I really don't need to buy gas that much, but it never fails, the prices go up as soon as I need it. So why are gas prices going up? Surprisingly, it's NOT because of demand, it's because prices are expected to go up even more this year. Pre-inflation?

I'm glad it's an election year. I miss my Geo.

*based on price of gas now


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