Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I believe those rights are designated as unalienable. So, hopefully, when we exercise those rights, we won't be relieved of our duties. Let's take the argument to Michigan. Last May, a Walgreen's employee in the Wolverine State was let go after firing at two armed gunmen who had entered the store, presumably to rob the place. As you can see in this video, these two men entered the pharmacy rather quickly--and if you do that while holding a weapon, I'd say aggressively, too. The employee, Jeremy Hovan, had his gun on him and, in the interest of preserving his life, he fired his weapon, it would seem, in an attempt to scare the burglars into leaving, which they did. Now Hovan is out of a job; he violated the Walgreen's non-escalation policy. Actually, many such places of business have these codes implemented as a protective measure. They simply state that employees should be compliant with all demands by criminals who enter the premises with the intent to steal. I get the policy. I do. Hovan has hired a lawyer and a lawsuit is in the works. I believe there are solid arguments on both sides of the issue, and it will be interesting to see whose is stronger.

By the way, when I heard about this story, I looked up where the incident took place in Michigan. As it turns out, I have actually been to this Walgreen's! What are the freakin' odds? Seriously! Two years ago, on vacation, I went up into Michigan and spent some time in Benton Harbor on Lake Michigan. It's a terrific little town. It's also where this Walgreen's is located. Yeah, when I was there, I ran in to get gum and Pepcids. Little did I know that a business in Michigan where I made a random stop would, one day, make national headlines. I wonder who's next. In this case, I hope no one.

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