John James Audubon was naturalist, conservationist, ornithologist, and artist whose Birds of America paintings have long been praised and coveted for their beauty and attention to detail. The Audubon Society is now making hundreds of the one-time Kentucky resident's prints available for download.

All 435 reproductions Audubon's work is listed in alphabetical order along with the original accompanying text and each reproduction plate is free to download as a high-resolution image. Some of the species Audubon documented, like the passenger pigeon, no longer exist.

Audubon and his wife Lucy first settled in Louisville in 1808 where their four children were born. Their two sons, John Woodhouse and Victor Gifford would help to publish their father's works. A British embargo on trade forced Audubon to move his business/general store west to Henderson in 1810. A year later, Audubon left his business venture to work at ornithology and art.

He and his family left Kentucky in 1819. John James Audubon State Park in Henderson opened in 1938 and the museum houses the world's largest collection of Audubon's original artwork.

See all the prints and download away HERE. Christmas gift idea?

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