I'll admit it.  I am almost 50-years-old, but I still love Gerber baby cookies.  Seriously!  They are SOOOO good and are probably the only food that I truly remember eating as a child.  As for any other kind of baby food, specifically the kind that comes in jars, I have no recollection of any of it- how it smells or, even more importantly, how any of it tastes.  I just know that anytime I pass through the aisle at the grocery store, I think it looks NASTY!

Well, this morning, for our weekly Wacky Wednesday segment, Angel and I decided to tackle the Baby Food Challenge.  Here's what you do.

Find someone to go buy you six jars of baby food.  Now, this is very important.  That person needs to peel off the labels so you have absolutely no idea what's in the jars and what they're supposed to taste like.  Then, number each jar.  Each gets a number between one to six.  Then, grab a die and get ready to roll it.

Decide who goes first and have that person roll the die.  Let's say they roll a five, they will then taste the baby food from jar #5.

Angel and I tried this earlier today and here's how it played out.  It was, at times, disgusting, but absolutely hysterical.

And, can we just get a time out??  #WannaAirplaneMe LOL!!!  That's one of the funniest moments in Wacky Wednesday history.

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We created Wacky Wednesday during the pandemic. Our intention was this- to give families, kids and friends some hysterically fun challenges to try while at home.

We have taken on many.  One of our more popular challenges in the series took place a few weeks ago.  If you missed our attempt at smashing watermelons with our thighs, give this a whirl!

Here's the video that inspired that particular Wacky Wednesday challenge.

Here's how the challenge played out at WBKR with #Changel.

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Be on the lookout for more Wacky Wednesday challenges coming soon.  And, sure, we invite you to laugh with us and at us.  But, do this!  Give one a try at home with your kids or at a party with your friends.  If you do, do us a favor in return.  Roll video so we know it's not just us.


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