What could possibly go wrong?  A broken nose?  Black eye?  Chipped tooth?  LOL!  This week, for our Wacky Wednesday challenge, Angel and I attempted the Blindfold Water Bottle Challenge.  All you need is two chairs, two blindfolds, a water bottle tied to a really long rope, some tape to stick it to the ceiling with and then a really good sense of rhythm, spacial awareness and physics.

We saw this video on YouTube and knew we had to try it!

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So, how did it go for us?  Well, take a look!  Like we do each Wednesday morning, Angel and I went live on the WBKR Facebook page.  Brent Gardner, as he does each week, served as our videographer.  We sat down, blindfolded ourselves, grabbed hold of the water bottle and let 'er rip.  Here's how it played out.


Join us each Wednesday morning at 9am on the WBKR Facebook page.  We'll go live at attempt some crazy obstacle or science experiment.  Sometimes we absolutely career them.  Others we fail miserably at.  Here's a prime example.  Last week, we tried the Cling Wrap Challenge.  Yes!  We were cling wrapped to each other, then tried to break free from it.  Some of the positions we got ourselves into were rather unfortunate and we're pretty sure Angel had to go to an extra church service to get over it.  LOL!

Here's another. We shoved marshmallows in our mouths and tried to say a variety of tongue twisters. This is called the Chubby Bunny Challenge and it was a scream.


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