A couple of days ago, I saw this random video on social media.  It was of a woman named Kortney Olson, who's a bodybuilder from Las Vegas, sitting on a big sheet of plastic and trying to smash watermelons with her thighs.

I don't know how she did it, but she did it.  She smashed three big ole melons in just 7.63 seconds. WATCH!

How hilarious is that?  By the way, 7.63 seconds is a new world record.  And, yes!  That means there was a previous world record, which was held by Olga Liashchuk.  Olga's thighs were only good enough for 14.75 seconds.

Naturally, when I saw this video I knew that Angel and I had to try it for Wacky Wednesday.  Obviously, neither one of us is aiming for a world record.  But, both of us claim to have really powerful legs and thighs.  Angel has birthed 75 kids.  I can crack walnuts with my buttocks. We were convinced this challenge was made for us.

Here's how it played out!

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Since we're on the subject of legs, here's another one you can try.  By the way, this HURT!!  And it was really difficult- way more so than it appeared.

We call this the Balls in the Basket Challenge.

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And here's another one that will challenge your core strength.  A couple of weeks ago, we tried the Fish Out of Water Challenge.  Angel, miraculously, could do it.  I couldn't. For that matter, I was so bad at it, I still don't know how she managed to do it.  From my standpoint, this is humanly impossible.  I looked like a crash test dummy after plowing into the wall (or floor).


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