If you think someone who doesn't have kids and isn't around kids very much doesn't know Baby Shark Live is, you have another think coming.

Baby Shark has permeated our collective consciousness. I hear something about Baby Shark every week...usually via memes.

Around the tri-state area, in the months to come, Baby Shark will REALLY permeate our collective consciousness.

WEHT tells us Baby Shark Live is coming to Evansville.

WYMT/Hazard reports that Baby Shark Live is also coming to Kentucky--Paducah on March 3rd and Louisville on April 29th.

The show will also make a stop in Richmond, Kentucky on May 15th.

If you're not familiar with Baby Shark, ask your child or ANY child and you'll get an excited earful.

And that earful will likely include a "PLEASE TAKE ME."

Here's a preview:



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