When I was little we didn't have much money, but my Mom always made sure Christmas was special and we had a gift that we really wanted under the tree. Mine was a very special doll that had hair that grows!

I remember when I finally got her. When I opened the wrapping paper and saw that glistening red hair for the first time. That beautiful face and amazing clothes. I didn't have to name her because she already had a household name. Her name was Crissy and she was mine all mine! I was so proud and showed her off to all of my friends. I'm sure years later Crissy wound up in a yard sale for $3.00, but I always remembered her and our time spent together!

Do you remember these Crissy Growing Hair Doll classic commercials? I pestered my Mom every single day after I saw these to get me one for Christmas and I’m so blessed she did!

Here's hoping you get what you want tomorrow morning under the tree!