A long time ago, Guntown Mountain in Cave City and Kaintuck Territory near Benton KY (which has been permanently closed for decades) were popular destinations for my family.

Highlights at both parks were staged gun fights. And whenever I read anything about or SEE any sort of re-enactment, I get nostalgic about those two old attractions. The difference, of course, was that it was all pure theater at Guntown Mountain and Kaintuck Territory--like scenes from an old western.

James Harrod: The Battle for Kentucky

The re-enactments bring history to life, and that's why I rate them just a bit higher. James Harrod: The Battle for Kentucky is one such event that sort of COMBINES at traditional re-enactment WITH theater. And it's getting set for its 2023 summer season at Old Fort Harrod State Park in Harrodsburg, the oldest city in Kentucky.

James Harrod: The Battle for Kentucky will bring this rich history to life. One of the cool features of this event is that it has moving parts, so to speak, because the new actors each year do their own things with their roles. This is the 8th season for the Battle of Kentucky.

And if you want more, here's a look at the entire performance. (Of course, there's nothing like seeing it live.)

James Harrod

James Harrod, a native of Pennsylvania, actually fought in battles in the French and Indian War when he was a teenager, according to Kentucky Monthly. However, the same publication/website also allows that there is some question as to when Harrod was born--it could have been anytime between 1742 and 1746. The French and Indian War ended in 1763. Harrod founded Harrodsburg in 1774.

James Harrod: The Battle for Harrodsburg is set for July 13-15, 20-22, and 27-29.

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