Country Heights Elementary School will host a special guest speaker tomorrow, as students welcome Benjamin Franklin to their classrooms.

Ben Franklin will be portrayed by David Wolfe, whose “Time Machine” historic character portrayals also include Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

As Franklin, Wolfe will visit classrooms to share stories and information about the life and times of one of our most fascinating Founding Fathers. Franklin was an author, political theorist, scientist, inventor, statesman and diplomat.

Presentations to each classroom are about 45 minutes in length and include question and answer sessions with students.

David is from Owensboro and as a Civil War re-enactor, storyteller, and actor, he's worked hard to create accurate personas of the Presidents. I've presented Mr. Lincoln and other characters at schools, museums, libraries, and events for over 20 years.

What a treat for the students at Country Heights Elementary School!

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