You're on a road trip traveling through Northern Kentucky. Nature calls. You head to the nearest convenience store. After running to the stall and taking care of business, you wash your hands and notice a big red button that says "DO NOT PUSH THIS RED BUTTON." What do you do?

Of COURSE, you push the button!

Hop Shop via Youtube
Hop Shop via Youtube


Before today, if you had asked me which gas station has the best restroom, the answer would hands down be Buc-ee's. I swear they have to have an employee whose only responsibility is to keep it stocked and pristine. They could probably slice brisket in there it's so clean. OK, never mind that's still gross, but you get my drift. You can even enjoy a gallery of interesting artwork as you enter and exit the lavatory.

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However, as I have recently learned, Buc-ee the beaver ain't got NOTHING on the frog. The frog's name is "Hopper" and he is the mascot for Hop Shops by Valor Oil. A chain of Kentucky-based gas stations mainly located throughout the Northern part of the state with a couple in Ohio and according to their website, the Hawesway 60 Truck Plaza here in Daviess County.

Five of those Hop Shop locations are marked as "Disco Bathrooms" and a sixth was just launched on January 18th of this year. You can find them in Florence (they have two!), Verona, Walton, and Carrolton, Kentucky, and Maineville, Ohio. Don't worry, I have put in a formal request for one to be added to the Owensboro location!

If you aren't planning a road trip anytime soon, here is a video of the Hop Shop Disco Bathroom from Verona that went viral on Tiktok for its fabulousness. Although the Carrollton, KY location is only about 45 minutes away if you want to "hop" over for a fun little potty break.

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