While I don't remember my first encounter with a June bug (I couldn't possibly have been old enough to keep that memory), I don't ever remember being afraid of them as a child. On the contrary, they were fun to chase and capture. We wouldn't harm them though. And they kept coming back for more.

Folks who are afraid of insects would have likely reacted differently. The bigger the bug, the louder the scream. That's what I've seen. But honestly, the bigger the bug, maybe...just MAYBE...the more HARMLESS it is. Take spiders, for example. Wolf spiders are huge and intimidating, but they kill the REAL problems like brown recluse spiders. And although none of us is eager to encounter a tarantula, it's venom is very weak. Of course, the bite could be painful, and that might be enough for me, come to think of it.

A Big Old Kentucky Insect That Is Completely Harmless and Quite Beautiful

But what about great big moths? I've seen quite a few, including a sphinx moth which could be the same thing AS or a relative OF what my friend Jo Jacavino shared recently.

Jo Jacavino/Facebook
Jo Jacavino/Facebook

Meet the Hummingbird Moth

That intimidating-looking thing is called a hummingbird moth and for obvious reasons. And yes, it might be alarming if you encounter one not knowing what it is. But it's just probably trying to feed on nectar like the one in that picture, or the one in this video. As you can see, they are not exclusive to our shores.

From a distance, I would totally assume that was a hummingbird. Here's where you can make that comparison for yourself, although they don't appear to be nearly as skittish as their namesakes:

A lot of creatures make their presence known during the summer months. These extraordinary hummingbird moths are one reason you should keep your phone handy and have a fast finger on that camera button.

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