Now, Kentucky does have its share of creatures of folklore. The Sheepsquatch anyone? What about the Pope Lick Monster? Yes, they belong to the Bluegrass State.

But Bigfoot? Well, Bigfoot's for everyone.

So, move over Sheepsquatch and Pope Lick Monster, because if Bigfoot's for everyone, then that means he's bound to have been spotted in Kentucky.

Or at least it means there is possible...POSSIBLE...proof that he may have wandered the hills of Kentucky.

There's enough proof for a couple of guys named Tom and Rodney who have an entire YouTube Channel devoted to the Big Guy's possible treks through Henry, Carroll, and Trimble Counties.

And they have a blog, too, called Bigfoot: The Beast of Kentucky.

Again, Bigfoot belongs to the whole country and that blog title DOES make it sound like he's unique to Kentucky. And we know he isn't.

But, anyway, there it is. Proof not necessarily (in my opinion, anyway) that Bigfoot has actually been walking through the Bluegrass, but proof that belief in him will never, ever go away.

And that's great.

He's classic American folklore. Maybe he tops the list...or at the very least gives Paul Bunyan a run for his money.

Here's one of the videos from Squatching with Tom and Rodney (love that title):