Tonight we will see HBO period drama 'Boardwalk Empire' closing up shop for the season, as Nucky faces a vengeful Chalky and Gillian awaits her comeuppance in the finale hour of "Farewell Daddy Blues." The first few clips of the season 4 finale have arrived, but who will we pour one out for by season's end?

The first clip from the 'Boardwalk Empire' season 4 finale sees Al Capone stewing in his suspicions about the hit that nearly claimed his life, while Van Alden (Michael Shannon) plays it cool. Meanwhile back on the East Coast, Richard Harrow testifies at Gillian Darmody's trial, following her shocking arrest in last week's "Havre De Grace."

Here's what HBO has to say about Sunday's finale "Farewell Daddy Blues":

Eli braces for the worst as Agent Knox launches his plan to bring Nucky down. Capone and Torrio reach an agreement in Cicero . Chalky looks to settle scores. Richard steps forward to save Tommy, at Gillian 's expense.

Things have been a bit less tense than last year's finale, but what do you think? How many more bodies will hit the floor before 'Boardwalk Empire' season 4 is through? Check out the clips from "Farewell Daddy Blues" above and below. Show is just two hours away!

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