As someone who has worked with kids on a regular basis, I have seen just about everything. But, this shocked me. Maybe, I'm just naive and think that children are innately good and sweet, or maybe our kids are just learning by example how to be the worst of us.

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Growing up, I was taught to follow the rules and respect others, even strangers, I was taught this by example. I watched my parents behave like this every day. With that, they expected the same behavior from me. It was all a part of being a good human.

It seems like today, some people have little concern or respect for other people. We see on social media and in the news people literally hating people they don't even know and have never met.

When I saw this Halloween trick-or-treating video, my heart hurt. Not because the child took the candy when he was told not to, I think a lot of kids might do that until they are told they shouldn't. But, because there were no parents or adults with him. No one was there to help him learn that his behavior was unkind, out of line, and disrespectful.

But, I bet the adults in his life wouldn't have been much help, anyway. He probably learned that behavior from them. That is what hurt my heart.

The neighborhood is in Jacksonville, Illinois and this is what the owner of the house had to say about what they saw they checked the security cam video footage.

A kid trick or treating read the sign we had up that said “please take one, we are watching” and then he proceeded to take the whole bowl while flipping us the bird and running off.

Take a look.



Please, please, teach your children to be kind. Also, always be an example of kindness every day.

[Viral Hog via Rumble]

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