Now, you're likely wondering . . . "Why on Earth is Chad writing about a product called Bra Bridge?"  LOL!  I get it.  It's a  fair question.  But, here's the answer!  Judy Samson, one of my good friends from college, is a co-founder of the company and another good friend of mine, Shannon (a.k.a. Sunny) is the star of the YouTube commercial for the product.  And the video is HILARIOUS!!  Check this out.

By the way, that's Shannon in the middle . . . firmly cupping her girls, Unique and Monique (Yes!  They have names!).  And that's my friend Judy on the right.

Judy and her partners spent a year conceptualizing, developing and rolling out Bra Bridge.  Bra Bridge is best described as a breast shape enhancer.  It promises to reduce side boob, slim by pulling breasts in and reduce sagging and bouncing.

If you'd like to get more information about Bra Bridge, CLICK HERE!  You can shop online and read testimonials about the product.  In fact, Judy is offering WBKR listeners a special discount code.  Use WBKR and you'll save 15%!

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