I kept seeing retweets about this plate of BBQ from Brooklyn and apparently it has lit a fire under the many, many BBQ purists. Now while this plate of food looks mildly appetizing, it lacks a little bit of meat? 

HERE is the accompanying article, which by the way, it was first published four years ago. Why it was rehashed at this time, who knows? Now while I'm not opposed to other regions of the country delving outside their comfort zones in terms of culinary concepts, it's still a little strange to think (hypothetically) that Hannah and her friends from the now long gone HBO series Girls would be actively seeking out barbecue in their beloved Brooklyn. If they had, it would have been a bottle episode.

It's clear there are definite places in America where barbecue thrives and entices, hello? Owensboro. The tweet got so much action that the Memphis Grizzlies mascot reported the article as a crime. Funny stuff.

All I can think about are those sad Hawaiian rolls.

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