A local true-crime podcast has exploded in popularity this past year and for good reason. Hosted by two total babes, Heather Terry and Brooklyn Maple, 'A Couple of Sassholes Podcast explores the fascinating genre of true crime.

A Couple of Sassholes Podcast

In April of 2022, the two best friends wanted to start this show to shed light on the American justice system and what causes crimes of violence.  They dedicate every episode to the victims as they tell their stories to pay tribute to them and spread awareness to others. Being vigilant and trusting your gut are two things they often discuss. Of course, Brooklyn and Heather throw in their own brand of humor and um...various adult themes...as they introduce each of their now 75 episodes.

Kevin Brown/A Couple of Sassholes Podcast
Kevin Brown/A Couple of Sassholes Podcast

Honorary Sassholes

The Sassholes have occasionally welcomed a special guest to become an Honorary Sasshole. I was lucky enough to join them in telling the wild story of Lizzie Borden because I learned last year that my husband is related (distantly) to her through his mother. The other Honorary Sassholes have been Chadwick Benefield, Leslie Morgan Ling, and Soraya Downing and everyone told meaningful stories that we remember affecting us when they happened. You can listen on your favorite streaming platform, but here is the link for Spotify folks out there.  Give them a follow on social media to stay up to date on episode releases.

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Sasshole Live and in Living Color

When I asked the ladies why they wanted to host a live episode, and in true Sasshole form, they said "It gets lonely in the Sasshole studio and we wanted a fun way to interact with our listeners. It’ll be nice to get in-the-moment feedback to see if people actually like our show or we just have a bunch of pity listens”

Where to See the Sassholes Live Show

If you love true crime and want to have a grand ole time, Brasher's 'Lil Nashville is hosting Murder and Mimosas on Sunday, March 3rd. A Couple of Sassholes will be recording a LIVE episode and you can be a part of the "studio audience." The event is free, but you should definitely partake in Brasher's famous Bloody Mary or Mimosa bar. Pair that with some "Sassy Snacks" thanks to Craft & Board Charcuterie. Mmmm delish! See you there!

Read about the Sassholes' adventures at Crime Con 2023


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