This is as good a time as any to address my relationship with Easter candy. It isn't a good one.

When I was a kid, every year, I'd run into the living room to see what the Easter Bunny (I'll get to this separate issue in a minute) had left me. Invariably, and probably because my mother LOVES them, I'd get a big old bag of jellybeans. It's a bag that would remain unopened and, yes, my mother would take the "well, since nobody else is gonna eat these" attitude and the bag was hers. I was onto her scheming.

I've also never liked those hollow bunnies. The chocolate just isn't very good, in my opinion. It's like it's waxy or something. Anyway, I would eat the head off the bunny and that was the end of me and the chocolate rabbit. Gosh, I really sound like I was no fun as a kid, but that's not true.

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Of course, if you judge someone's "fun" quotient on whether or not they like Peeps, you will think I'm the dullest person on Earth. I hate Peeps. I think they're gross and they can't lure me with the weird flavors, either. Sorry.

And then there's the Cadbury Creme Egg. It is SO rich that all I can usually handle is one bite. But the Cadbury folks have made a considerable amount of hay at Easter with their iconic candy and NOW that creme filled egg has a new mascot.

And it's not even a BUNNY.

It's a frog. It's a frog named Betty. I think that's hilarious. sort of adds to my confusion that's been a part of Easter since I was a little kid. I've never understood the whole giant-bunny-delivering-eggs thing. Easter bunnies freak me out to begin with.

And now the Cadbury bunny is a frog.

The world is flat.

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