Little Miss Sinny is a sweet, smart, and oh-so-sassy second-grader. She and her beautiful family called Owensboro home for years, but now they live in Northern Kentucky.  If you know Sinny, you know if she sets her mind to something, she's gonna work her little buns off to achieve it.


She also has an amazing support system of family and friends who encourage and support her even when her goals are quite lofty!

Sinny is also enjoying her first year as a Girl Scout, and we all know what that means! Cookies! Her dad Antoine Lamont Smith-Rouse told me, "When we first discussed her cookie goals, she stated, "I want to sell the most cookies in the WORLD." We then had a conversation about realistic goals, and she stated, "Fine, I'll sell the most in Kentucky so that I can meet the governor."


Antoine was confused because to his knowledge, meeting Andy Beshear is not on the list of rewards for meeting cookie goals, but Sinny explained, "Duh, Dad. Of course, the governor will want to meet the girl scout who sells the most cookies in the state."

After more discussion, Sinny settled on a goal of selling 1,200 boxes of cookies so that she could hopefully go to a Girl Scout overnight camp. However, she added a super fun twist to this challenge. The Smith-Rouse family knows amazing folks all over the country, so Sinny set her mind to selling cookies to someone in each one of the 50 United States.

"The response has been phenomenal," Antoine said, "Currently, we only need 4 states (Maine, South Dakota, Utah, and Idaho) to reach all 50 and 272 boxes to achieve her goal of 1,200."

She is SO CLOSE! Wouldn't it be so amazing if she could reach her goals? I totally believe in her determined diva self! If she gets to go to camp, it will be her first time at an overnight like that without her parents. "She has also become quite a self-advocate, making sure that we ensure that the Girl Scout camp will be able to meet her medical needs." What an incredible little girl.

Antoine Lamont Smith-Rouse
Antoine Lamont Smith-Rouse
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Go Sinny go! If you want to support her dream, click the button below. She'd love to sling some Samoas your way. Please share with your friends in Maine, South Dakota, Utah, and Idaho as well!

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