Sunday afternoon, Carsyn and I made a fun trip to Reid's Orchard. They had a small petting zoo for the day and horse rides. Now, Carsyn has been talkin reaaaal big lately about how she wanted to ride a real, big horse. So, I thought I'd test her out and see just how tough she really was. Well, needless to say, she made me proud!After a quick visit to the goats that are always at Reid's, we made our way down to the play area. Carsyn LOVES animals and she was pretty pumped about being there. They had two baby pigs (always her favorite!), a baby sheep, two ducks, two rabbits, a llama (it was interesting to say the least), two goats, a wallaby (so cool!) and a few turtles. Needless to say, she was in heaven! She also somehow lost an entire cup of animal feed. I found it, in her hairbow!! Ha! After feeding them for a while, she was ready to ride that big horse!

There were two horses to pick from, a big one and a minature pony. I, of course, wanted my two and a half year-old to ride the smaller one. She was all about riding the big one....until it became her time, ha! So, she rode the smaller one and absolutely loved it! She told me we would come back and ride the big horsey. And, to my surprise, she did! I was pretty proud that she got up there on that big ole horse and rode it around, twice!

Such a fun day and I hope you enjoy our pics! Thanks for letting me share!