Tri-State Weather

Here in the tri-state, weather can be crazy! At 92.5 WBKR, we have partnered with the weather team at Eyewitness News to give you the most-up-to-date information when there is inclement weather. Download our app to receive real-time notifications when severe weather strikes.

Spring is only a week old and we're already into the stormy season. In fact Saturday, we'll see nice conditions only to have those go away with a front moving in and with it, the possibility of severe weather for the Tri-State.
Strong Possibility of Tornadoes This Afternoon
Baton down the hatches!  The Tri-State area has an enhanced risk of severe weather with a possibility of strong tornadoes in Western Kentucky. There is a chance of thunderstorms all day long and into the evening.  The greatest threat is over Western Kentucky...

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