Owensboro's Cathy Mullins got some exciting news this week.  She has been asked to sing the Canadian National Anthem in Nashville Thursday evening when the Predators take on the Winnipeg Jets in Game Seven of the Stanley Cup playoffs.As you likely know, Cathy entered a contest last year in which she battled for the right to sing our National Anthem for the Predators.  She made the Top 4 and has performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" at ten home games throughout the Preds' season. Now, she gets the chance to sing at the playoffs.  And there is a lot of significance to her being asked. This is really an unbelievable coincidence.

It was exactly seven years ago this week that Brandon's unit replaced the Canadian unit in Afghanistan. As Cathy explains, "It was by crazy chance that I was given this game.  I was supposed to have Game 2, but then it changed.  And then I was supposed to have Game Five and my niece was getting married.  So, that only left Game Seven for me.  And it doesn't happen often that these series even get to Game 7!"

By the way, if you want to tune in to catch Cathy's performance, Game 7 airs at 7pm, Thursday, May 10th on NBCSN, NBC CBC, TVA Sports, the NHL Network, SN  The winners of the game will advance to the Western Conference Final, where they will take on the Vegas Golden Knights.  That series is set to begin Saturday.

While Cathy will be performing "O Canada" Thursday night.  Here's a look at her singing "The Star-Spangled Banner".

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